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The In-depth Investigation on 8002046358: – In today’s modern world, our reliance on technology has grown exponentially. One such example of this reliance is seen in our use of phones and the numbers associated with them. Of particular interest is the number 8002046358. This number has been reported by users across multiple platforms, and the feedback is largely negative. This article seeks to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of this number and its implications. 8002046358

Overview of 8002046358

The phone number 8002046358 is a non-geographic toll-free number based in the United States. Toll-free numbers are often used by businesses to provide customer service or conduct telemarketing. However, they can also be exploited by scam operatives. In the case of 8002046358, the number has mostly received negative feedback from users who reported it across various platforms.

Experiences Shared by Users

Reports Across Different Platforms

The number 8002046358 has been reported across different platforms, including Robokiller, Nomorobo, Call Filter, and Truecaller. Each of these platforms provides users with the ability to report and block spam calls.

Robokiller Reports

On Robokiller, users reported the number 8002046358 as a source of unwanted calls and potential scams. The platform allows users to comment on their experiences with the number. Some users described the calls as a banking scam, while others reported it as debt collection fraud.

Nomorobo Experiences

On the Nomorobo platform, the number 8002046358 is categorized as a robocall. Users are warned to be cautious when receiving calls from this number.

Call Filter Feedback

On Call Filter, the number 8002046358 has received predominantly negative reviews. Users have reported receiving unwanted calls from the number, leading to its classification as a potential source of spam calls.

Truecaller Insights

On Truecaller, users must sign in to unlock the caller’s name. The platform provides insights into the call activity, with the last detected activity being three weeks ago from the time of the report.

User Reactions and Feedback

The experiences shared by users across these platforms paint an alarming picture. Users have reported the number 8002046358 as a source of spam calls, unwanted communications, and potential scams.

Detailed Analysis of User Reports

To understand the potential implications of receiving a call from 8002046358, it’s necessary to delve deeper into the reports shared by users.

Robokiller User Reports

On Robokiller, users have shared their experiences with receiving calls from 8002046358. The reports include claims of the number being used for banking scams and debt collection frauds. Some users reported the number as a source of nuisance, with repeated unwanted calls.

One user reported a worrying experience where the caller impersonated Chase Bank and attempted to collect phantom debt. The report detailed a complex scam operation involving multiple spoofed phone numbers, attempted identity theft, and fake debt collection.

Nomorobo User Experiences

On Nomorobo, the number 8002046358 is classified as a robocall. User experiences corroborate this classification, with reports of receiving unwanted calls from the number. Users are advised to block this number to avoid potential scams.

Call Filter User Feedback

Call Filter users have reported similar experiences with 8002046358. The number has been reported as a source of unwanted calls and potential scams. Users have shared their experiences of being targeted by callers seeking personal and financial information under false pretenses.

Truecaller User Insights

On Truecaller, the number 8002046358 is reported as a source of unwanted calls. User insights reveal a low pick-up rate for calls from this number, suggesting that many users are already aware of the potential risks associated with it.

How to Protect Yourself

Blocking Spam Calls

One of the most effective ways to protect yourself from unwanted calls is by using spam-blocking apps. These apps, such as Robokiller, Nomorobo, Call Filter, and Truecaller, can automatically block spam calls, providing you with a safer and more peaceful phone experience.

Be Wary of Unsolicited Calls

Being cautious and vigilant is essential when dealing with unsolicited calls. Never provide your personal or financial information in response to an unsolicited call, regardless of who the caller claims to represent.

Report Unwanted Calls

If you receive unwanted calls from 8002046358 or any other number, report it to the platform you’re using. This not only helps protect you but also helps others who might receive calls from the same number.


The number 8002046358 has been reported across various platforms as a source of spam calls and potential scams. Users are advised to be cautious when receiving calls from this number and to use spam-blocking apps to protect themselves. If you receive an unwanted call, remember to report it to help protect yourself and others.


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  • Nomorobo
  • Call Filter
  • Truecaller

Please note that the information in this article is based on user reports and experiences. Always exercise caution when dealing with unsolicited calls, and never provide personal or financial information to an unverified

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